Bluetooth Enabled Treasure Hunting
copyright 2004, by Jon Snell (

This proposal is for a bluetooth enabled device version of treasure hunting. A treasure hunt consists of finding a series of places, each one leading to the next until you reach the end. Each point in the series of locations would have a bluetooth enabled device which would send out a vCard or other text formatted message to give clues to the next. These devices would have recognizeable names so the user could accept them. The devices would automatically attempt to send information to every bluetooth device which passes by. At least one person in each team would need to have a bluetooth enabled device, preferably one which is configured to always listen for incoming connections. The first point could give out a vCard containing contact information for extra clues as needed so no handouts are required. People would be stationed at the final destination, in order to congradulate the teams which manage to finish. Data from all intermediate devices would be downloaded, to make sure the teams did not skip any points.