cyrus+sendmail+spamassasin HOWTO

This document will give you directions on how to set up SpamAssasin using a milter. This is necessary for users of Cyrus IMAPd when mail users do not have /etc/passwd accounts on the local machine as required for Procmail.
You are free to distribute or modify this in any way you like.
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This is the first draft of this doc, please let me know of successes or failures.
  • Compile sendmail and setup usual, hold off on installing your file
  • Compile and install libmilter
  • Compile and install SpamAssassin
  • Configure spamd of SpamAssassin to run at boot
  • Download and un-tgz check_local (get it from here)
  • Move the entire miltrassassin directory from check_local to sendmail-x.x.x/miltrassassin
  • cd into this directory
  • For Linux, edit the Makefile so -lpthread is the only line on LIBS and also edit the target directory to go to a directory that exists, /usr/bin
  • Create a new user for miltrassassin to run as, miltrass
    mkdir /var/run/miltrass
    chown miltrass.miltrass /var/run/miltrass
  • Run miltrassassin as its user (from root):
    su -c miltrass miltrassassin -p /var/run/miltrass/f1.sock
  • Configure it to load at boot
  • Add this to your before the define(`confLOCAL_MAILER... line:
    INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`filter1', `S=local:/var/run/miltrass/f1.sock')
  • Install your
    sh ./Build install-cf from sendmail/cf/cf/
  • Run your new sendmail setup Notes:
  • If your system gets bogged down the filter may fail to respond quick enough. With this setup sendmail will just pass the mail along as if it had passed the tests.